Go Inside Ariana Grande’s ‘Traumatizing’ Mask-Making Process For ‘No Tears’ Video

Her new behind-the-scenes video is super trippy

One of the wildest parts of Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry” video is a sequence that involves her sitting on the floor and peeling her face off like a mask. Chances are, you’ve been wondering how in the hell Grande and director Dave Meyers pulled that off, and now we finally have the answer.

In the second behind-the-scenes video from the “No Tears” set, we see the super detailed work that went into making Grande’s many masks look so life-like.

“I want you to know that making this was pretty traumatizing,” Grande admitted. “I had no idea how scary it was going to be. I’m not claustrophobic, I wasn’t expecting it to be weird at all or trippy at all, but making this mask was actually one of the scariest things ever.”

She wasn’t lying — in the footage that follows, we see Grande’s face get slathered in green goop and then bandaged up like a mummy. She was a total sport about the whole thing, though, and on the video’s set, she hilariously showed off her impersonations of Julie Andrews and Jennifer Coolidge while playing around with her creepy new toys.

Perhaps most interestingly, the new behind-the-scenes video also gives fans a closer look at the items surrounding Grande in the mask-peeling scene. On the floor, you can see a pair of bunny ears — much like the ones she frequently wore during her Dangerous Woman era — as well as sketches of her and a sheet of paper with the “No Tears” lyrics on it.

There’s also another glimpse at the presumed tracklist for her third album, which fans have been examining like crazy. Take a look:



Here’s hoping the third installment of the “No Tears Left to Cry” behind-the-scenes series gives us even more fun easter eggs!

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