'Pitch Perfect 2' Is Happening, And Effie Trinket Is Directing It

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are also said to be on board for the sequel.

This is not a dress rehearsal: "Pitch Perfect 2" is happening. Put your hands in the middle, and on three, say, "AHHHHH!"

The sequel to the 2012 sleeper a cappella hit "Pitch Perfect" is a go, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Elizabeth Banks, who produced the first film and played a small but memorable part in it, will direct.

But wait, the news just keeps getting more aca-amazing: Stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are likely to return for act two, according to THR's sources. (A quick check of Kendrick's Twitter shows that she'll probably be too busy nursing the double whammy of her Grammys hangover and the aftershocks of meeting Beyoncé to be turning any pirouettes in the immediate future, but we trust her to pull it together.)

This won't be a "Bring It On 2: All or Nothing" situation -- in addition to the talent and production team returning, screenwriter Kay Cannon will be back to write the script. (Hopefully with 100 percent fewer projectile vomit jokes this time around, please. We've had enough.)

This news is fantastic for those of us who've been practicing our mermaid dancing and "Breakfast Club" fist pumps for nearly two lonely years while co-stars such as Skylar Astin have pitched ideas such as a budding K-Pop career for the sequel. Now that the sequel is for real, we can start building our wishlist for the soundtrack.

Demand #1: We must witness Rebel Wilson's version of Ke$ha's "Timber." Please. Please, aca-gods, please make it happen.