Hot Hot Heat Hit The Fast Track With 'No, Not Now'

Canadian rockers following up 'Bandages' with 'dancier' new single.

IRVINE, California -- Hot Hot Heat don't like to reveal what their songs are about, but they will share other details about their second single, "No, Not Now" -- solicited or not.

"It's got a [beats-per-minute rate] of 174," bassist Dustin Hawthorne threw out during a recent interview, surprising even his bandmates.

"That's, like, insanely fast," singer and pianist Steve Bays commented.

"I think the Sex Pistols hovered at about 150," Hawthorne added.

Not that the Victoria, British Columbia, rock band wants you to care. They just want you to boogie.

"It's kind of like one of our dancier songs," Bays said of the tune, which follows the breakthrough "Bandages." "It's the type of song you play early in the set, 'cause it usually gets people in a good mood, whereas 'Bandages' is more, like, late into the set, more of a song that you kind of rock out to."

For the video, Hot Hot Heat hired Kansas City-based animation experts MK12 after seeing some of their psychedelic videos and commercials.

"We like the Faint's video [for 'Agenda Suicide'] and we just said, 'Go nuts with it,' " Bays said. "And we've been on tour so much that schedulewise it kind of worked, because they just filmed us in front of a green screen -- kind of like a green bowl -- for like, an entire day and then they just went nuts with it."

Since Make Up the Breakdown was released last fall (see [article id="1470864"]"Hot Hot Heat Achieve Coolness By Writing Good Muzak"[/article]), Hot Hot Heat have toured constantly and have no plans to cool off. The group is touring American clubs with the Moving Units and the Fever through July, after which they will hit Australia with the Kills and then take on Europe.

"It just seems like every month there's a new reason why we should be on the road," Bays explained. "Like, 'We haven't done Australia. OK, we've got to do that. Well, there is this cool festival in Japan. OK, we should do that. What about the KROQ Weenie Roast? Well, we can't not do that.' You know, those kind of things that just kind of pop up, but there's always less going on in the winter."

That's when Hot Hot Heat plan to return to the studio to record their next album. They have "one and two halves of a song" written, according to guitarist Dante DeCaro, but will write most of the new material in the studio.

"You can't really write songs on the road," drummer Paul Hawley said. "I mean, you can strum a guitar and stuff, but it's hard to get all of us together and concentrate. We work really well when it's just the four of us."

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