How Many Records Can Adele And Justin Bieber Break?

Both artists continue to take the charts by storm.

Justin Bieber and Adele are leaving their names all over the record books.

Both artists released the best-selling albums of their careers last month and both continue to match and break historic records on the Billboard charts.

On November 13, Bieber released his sixth No. 1 album, Purpose, which sold 649,000 equivalent album units in its first week -- the biggest weekly total on a single album since Billboard started folding streams into the equation (hence the phrase “equivalent album units,” as opposed to straight-up album sales).

Later in the month, Adele returned with her hotly anticipated third album, 25, on November 20. She blew album sales records out of the water, selling 3.38 million copies of the record in just one week. Now, she’s topped that record with another, as 25 sold another million copies in the second week since its release. It’s the first album ever to sell over a million copies in each of two different weeks.

Justin definitely takes second place to Adele’s powerhouse selling power, but he recently pulled an unusual move over on the U.K. singles chart. His song “Love Yourself” just took the No. 1 slot, bumping out one of his other no. 1 hits, “Sorry.” The last artist to displace himself on the U.K. singles chart was Elvis, who posthumously overtook himself with two reissued singles in 2005. The only other artists to pull the same move? Oh, just The Beatles.

If they keep this up, Adele and Justin Bieber could easily take over the world together -- or at least change the music industry as we know it.

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