Watch Vin Diesel Fulfill His Lifelong Dream Of Singing With A Gospel Choir

You've never heard 'Oh Happy Day' belted this passionately before

Vin Diesel’s love for singing is well-documented by now, between his emotional renditions of “See You Again” honoring Paul Walker and his sweet karaoke sessions of Maroon 5 and Tove Lo jams. But there was one musical mission still left on Vin’s bucket list: Singing with a church choir.

While shooting xXx: The Return of Xander Cage in Toronto last week, though, Vin finally achieved his lifelong dream by performing “Oh Happy Day” with the choir Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale.

In a Facebook video posted by Trinity Lewis, Vin explains that he was compelled to include a choir in the upcoming action sequel after a day filming inside a church with xXx co-star Samuel L. Jackson.

“A dream of mine always has been to have the confidence to sing in a choir,” he reveals in the vid, before breaking into the song. Confidence clearly isn’t a problem for Vin anymore, though -- he belts out the lead vocals and pounds his fist on a pulpit as the choir backs him and tries to stifle their laughter. OK, so it’s not what you’d call “flawless,” but dammit if it isn't spirited as hell.

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