Azealia Banks Performs A Magic Trick And Drops Her Debut Album 'Broke With Expensive Taste'


I'm sure Azealia Banks is very thankful for your patience, because now, after a few delays, her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste has finally arrived. Like, voila!

After blacking out her Instagram account over the past few days in anticipation of the project, she dropped it on Thursday afternoon (November 6) on iTunes. That came as a surprise, since a leaked track list on Spotify previously pointed fans toward a November 7 release.

The 16-track project, featuring singles like "212" and "Heavy Metal and Reflective," only includes two features, from Theophilus London and Lazy Jay, so you'll have plenty of Azealia to go around. You'll also notice the familiar title "Luxury," which appeared on her 2012 mixtape Fantasea.

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Part of the delay was due to some label troubles. In July, the Harlem-bred singer and rapper officially cut ties with Universal Music so she could become "a cool indie chick."

Today she announced the release, with words that you'd only expect from Azealia Banks: "Does the #K--tBrigade wanna see a magic trick?!"

Clearly, the answer was yes.

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