11 'Zoey 101' Memes To Read When The Clock Strikes 1:01

Set your alarm

There's one number Zoey 101 fans care about more than making a wish at 11:11, and that, of course, is 1:01. For three glorious years on Nickelodeon, Jamie Lynn Spears played Zoey Brooks, who studied and lived in dorm room #101 at the scenic Pacific Coast Academy in California. The show premiered over a decade ago, long before social media existed, but the internet hasn't forgotten Zoey and her crew just yet.

Perhaps you remember September 2015, when creator Dan Schneider released a ten-year Zoey 101 anniversary video. It finally revealed what Zoey said about Chase in that time capsule, and longtime fans — now grown-ass adults, by the way — flooded the internet with their feelings. [Note: Nickelodeon and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

Tumblr and Vine in particular had a blast with the memes, and they just keep coming even though the show is long gone (R.I.P.) and its cast has moved on. Here are some favorites:

This makes heating up leftovers far more fun, because the only thing longer than a microwave minute is a treadmill minute.

A brilliant way to freak out anyone who tries to snoop through your phone. Zoey is watching you!

This is prime summer weather.

A+ password choice!

It's never too early to get into the Halloween spirit.



This GIF should be framed and proudly displayed in a Limited Too, if any of those stores even exist anymore.

Stans may never forgive Maddie Briann Aldridge, Jamie Lynn's daughter, for uprooting the show.

Before there was the iPhone, there was the Tek-Mate.

Now, this is what friends are for: digging up time capsules to help you find your one true love, obviously.

Yeah, Dan. WHAT'S GOOD?!?!?!

Netflix and chill is so 2014.