Here's Concrete Evidence Chris Brown And Tyga's 'Fan Of A Fan 2' Is Actually On The Way

Get ready for some new music.

Ever since Fan of a Fan was released in 2010, fans of Chris Brown and Tyga have been awaiting the follow up. And though we've heard rumors for a while now that the project is on the way, that should become a little more concrete this week, since a new single, "Nothin Like Me," with Ty Dolla Sign and DJ Mustard, is supposed to drop.

“We’re scheduled to put that out around Christmas or the top of next year,” CB told XXL in September of Fan of a Fan 2. “We’re doing an album now, so we’re in the studio working on that as we speak. I never stop working, so we’re getting that together now.”

The first time around, Tyga and Breezy had hits like "Deuces" and "No Bullsh--," and have continued to collaborate in the years since, including on this year's chart-topping "Loyal" (which was co-written by Ty Dolla, who will be on the upcoming "Nothin Like Me," according to Tyga's tweet).

Back in 2012, the Young Money rapper told MTV News that he and CB were working "non-stop" on the album.

The new release is coming just in time, too, as the two are headed out on the Between The Sheets Tour, with Trey Songz, at the top of 2015.

“I would have to commend the guy who brings they girl to our show,” Brown joked to MTV News last week. “Because it takes a lot of guts and security within himself to be able to watch his female fan-out and have an amazing time and almost, sort of fantasize, in a way, about us on stage.”

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