Miley Cyrus Takes Us Behind The (Topless) Scenes Of Her Latest Tattoo

She's got some seriously devoted fwiends.

It's like we were right there with her, thanks to Miley Cyrus' meticulous Instagram documentation of her holiday weekend – she posted 43 photos between July 4th and this morning!

The colorful accessory shots and rowdy party scenes (not to mention a silly snap of pal Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips wearing a pair of pom-pom-encrusted flip flops) were punctuated by some pretty racy topless shots. To be fair, they were illustrating the latest entry in her illustrious collection of body art, which she now shares (in both design and location) with Coyne and her pal Katy Weaver – and it's a tribute to her late pooch Floyd.

It all started innocently enough, with your standard "tat selfie"...

...and then it escalated pretty quickly, to some cheeky firework censorship...

...a better view (with omnipresent tongue, of course)...

...a second-hand selfie, as her pal gets the same ink...

...and, voila! Weaver, Coyne and Cyrus = a trio of Floyd tats!

Here's another, for good measure.

And a close-up (we dig the dog-speak riff on those Beatles lyrics!)

As of this morning, Cyrus looks to be resting quietly with her new puppy Emu.

We think it's kind of sweet that Miley's friends joined her in honoring her dearly departed dog – would you pay permanent tribute to a pal's pup? Let us know in the comments!

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