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Camila Cabello's 'Romance' Has A Song For Every Single Mood

A track-by-track guide to her passionate new album

Camila Cabello has invited us into her world of Romance, and there's a little something for everyone.

The pop star's second solo album arrived on Friday (December 6) to capture all the nuances of love and heartbreak — or, as she put it on Instagram, "the desperation, the madness, the urgency, the passion, the ecstasy." Cabello's 14 new tracks span angsty bangers, doe-eyed ballads, moody kiss-offs, and everything in between. Below, see your all-encompassing guide to which new song you should listen to, based on how you're feeling right now. Happy listening!


Listen to it when you're feeling: fearless about your feelings

Key lyric: "In my dreams, I do anything I want to you / My emotions are naked, they're taking me out of my mind"

Just like "Never Be The Same" kicked off Camila with a tidal wave of passion, "Shameless" opens Romance with a rush of red-hot intensity. Here, Cabello is brazenly screamin' her lungs out for the one she wants, and she won't go down without a fight.

"Living Proof"

Listen to it when you're feeling: like love is your religion and the bedroom is your church (wink wink)

Key lyric: "Like a choir singing hallelujah / When my body's crashing right into ya"

Cabello compares finding love to finding God, praising her "divine" partner for taking her to heaven. That arresting falsetto chorus could convert even an atheist into a believer.

"Should've Said It"

Listen to it when you're feeling: like you want to absolutely drag someone

Key lyric: "I wish that you could turn back the time / And hold me closer instead of your pride"

Cabello's a catch, she knows it, and she wants a certain someone to agonize over not realizing it sooner. "If you wanted me so desperately, you should've said it," she taunts, rubbing it in by declaring she's with someone else now. Drag him, Camila!

"My Oh My" ft. DaBaby

Listen to it when you're feeling: rebellious

Key lyric: "I swear on my life that I've been a good girl / Tonight, I don't wanna be her"

Cabello falls for a bad boy on this deliciously campy banger, despite her parents' reservations. It's absolute lustful, carnal fun, and DaBaby's guest verse only dials up the playfulness.

"Señorita" ft. Shawn Mendes

Listen to it when you're feeling: flirty

Key lyric: "There's just some things that never change / You say we're just friends / But friends don't know the way you taste"

Look, you already know and love this sultry, chart-topping duet. And even though it's the dead of winter, listening to Camila and Shawn's flirty banter still makes our temperatures rise.


Listen to it when you're feeling: in denial

Key lyric: "I said I won't lose control, I don't want it / I said I won't get too close, but I can't stop it"

On this genre-blending single, Cabello's lying to herself and everyone around her about her true feelings. Being in denial never sounded so fun.

"Bad Kind of Butterflies"

Listen to it when you're feeling: horribly guilty

Key lyric: "What do I do when I love you and want somebody else? / What do I lose if I don't choose and keep it to myself?"

This creepy, bass-heavy number chronicles one of the worst confrontations anyone can have. Cabello is filled with "bad, bad butterflies" as she confesses that, despite being in a happy relationship, she's falling for someone else. A tough but necessary conversation.


Listen to it when you're feeling: grateful and (finally!) understood

Key lyric: "You really, really love me / You know me and you love me / And it's the kind of thing I always hoped I'd find"

Here, our heroine exhales, loosens up, and details the way her lover altered her self-perception and made her feel loved for the first time. Relationship goals out the wazoo.

"Feel It Twice"

Listen to it when you're feeling: sad about what could've been

Key lyric: "Hurts me to hurt you, babe / Kills me I have to walk away"

OOF. Cabello gets brutally honest here as she recalls letting someone down who went on to haunt her relationship. Thankfully, we all know this story had a happy ending...

"Dream of You"

Listen to it when you're feeling: blissfully, annoyingly in love

Key lyric: "All I do, the whole day through, is dream of you / All I do, since I met you, is dream of you"

Bless you, Camila, for following up the soul-crushing "Feel It Twice" with an easy-breezy love song. She promises to always love a guy who, sure, is a bad dancer, but who helped breathed new life into her. "Please say you dream of me too," she sings, her voice cracking into an airy plea.

"Cry for Me"

Listen to it when you're feeling: wild with jealousy

Key lyric: "When I said I hope you're happy, didn't mean it / Never thought you'd be so good at moving on"

Cabello unleashes hell on this angsty rager, channeling that all-too-relatable bitterness you feel when an ex rebounds before you have. The way she asserts that her ex's new fling "should be thanking" her is awesomely vicious.

"This Love"

Listen to it when you're feeling: frustrated by someone you know is bad for you

Key lyric: "You know how to fuck me up, then make it OK / I guess that's just your game, and I'm the one who gets played"

Like Rihanna's "Love on the Brain," this is a soulful, old-school ballad that emphasizes Cabello's passionate vocals. She aims for the heart as she belts about a toxic relationship that has her questioning if she should leave or if she actually likes the pain. (Hint: If you're asking, you should probably leave.)

"Used to This"

Listen to it when you're feeling: caught up in the thrill of new love

Key lyric: "I've known you forever / Now I know you better / Let's just get carried away"

This FINNEAS-produced gem is all about the weirdness and the excitement of turning a friendship into a full-fledged relationship. Taking that next step feels strange at first, but Cabello eventually decides she could "get used to this" — and thus a new romance was born.

"First Man"

Listen to it when you're feeling: nostalgic/like you want to hug your dad

Key lyric: "You held me so tight, now someone else can / But you were the first man that really loved me"

Romance ends with an absolute Niagra Falls-sized tearjerker, as Cabello sings directly to her father about how her new man just be "the one." She even envisions her dad walking her down the aisle one day, so, like Taylor Swift's "Lover," expect this one to be a wedding dance staple.