Justin Bieber's Christmas Album A 'Natural Progression'

'I don't know who's featured on the records,' Tricky Stewart admits about previously announced surprise guest.

Justin Bieber is set to drop his first Christmas single, [article id="1671721"]"Mistletoe,"[/article] on October 18. And while fans are pretty psyched to hear it, they also want to know the names of every person who made the final cut on the album, Under the Mistletoe.

Bieber confirmed that the Band Perry, Busta Rhymes, [article id="1671088"]Boyz II Men[/article] and Usher are all contributing to the album, and teased that a huge surprise guest will also appear on the album. The rumor is that the big reveal will be Mariah Carey.

Bieber's producer Tricky Stewart said he has no idea who made the final cut. "I don't know who's featured on the records," he told MTV News. "The records, as I know the records ... Justin is the artist on the records. I know that he's planning on doing things, but I have no idea what they are."

As Bieber puts the finishing touches on the album, which drops November 1, any additional production falls on Stewart's production partner, Kuk Harrell, as Stewart moves on to other projects. "[I wouldn't have to go back into the studio] because that's Kuk Harrell's neck of the woods," Stewart said. "If something needs to be added, he'll go in and knock it out and it'll be fine."

Stewart noted that the album "seemed like a natural progression" for the teen star. "I think it just kind of made sense that I would be involved," he said, having worked with Bieber throughout his professional career. "I think Justin doing a Christmas album is right on time ... I feel that it's almost necessary that he do a great Christmas album and it's really, really good, too."

To get into the Christmas spirit months in advance of the holiday season, the team decorated their studio with all the appropriate Christmas accoutrements like Christmas trees and holiday scents. "Well, it's different in the sense that we've been having Christmas and it's not Christmas," he said. "It looks and feels like Christmas except when we come out there's no Christmas. You have to [imagine]. How else can you have Christmas in the middle of September?"

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