Watch Jason Bateman Use Every Curse Word Imaginable In 'After Hours'

'F---,' 'd---,' 'c---': 'Bad Words' star says them all in a filthy interview with Josh Horowitz.

Jason Bateman has made a career out of the playing the likable everyman, so he hasn't had much of a chance to let loose with his darker side.

With "Bad Words," which he also directed, Bateman more than makes up for it. He gave MTV News' Josh Horowitz an example in the new "After Hours" segment, simply titled "Bad Words With Jason Bateman."

The actor tried to shed his nice-guy image early on, when Josh asked him whether the word "damn" is a bad word.

"No, it is not, unless you're my 7-year-old, and then you get smacked across the room. I will strike a child," he said. "That's not true. God, there's your quote, please don't use that quote." Whoops.

Josh got another important question out of the way early: How does Bateman feel about c--- and d---?

"I love both," he said. "D--- is good."

Bateman then shared the best insults to launch at men and women.

"I think a woman who you don't like and who deserves it should be called an a--hole. I think that's a very effective thing."

"If you call a dude a clown, it just wrecks them. And I think if you called a woman either an asshole or a jerk, it's like, I get it."