Cara Delevingne Shaved A Bunch Of Her Hair Off

Cara Delevingne is many things: a model, actresss, designer, singer, contributing editor, current face of Topshop, and, as her latest hairdo suggests, a professional trend resuscitator. While out and about in L.A., Cara showed off a new hairstyle.

No, not the ponytail. Peep her undercut! Yep. It's shaved.

Getty Images

The partly-shaved look (and the lower-commitment lookalike hairstyles that came with it, like this one Cara tried at 2013 Met Gala) has been around for awhile, almost to the point where we were sure it was just about dead and buried. But leave it to Cara to champion the style—and make it feel new.

Better get to your salon soon because there's probably already a crop of girls en route to theirs to ask for "The Cara."

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