50 Cent Weighs In On Lil' Kim/ Nicki Minaj Flap

MC slams Diddy hard while saying Minaj has 'a good little thing going.'

The [article id="1640954"]beef between femcees Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj[/article] has tongues wagging, Twitter aflutter and wigs flying. Bad Boy associate and former Notorious B.I.G. protégé Lil' Kim has been aiming not-so-subtle jabs at Nicki Minaj, accusing the Young Money diva of swagger-jacking her candy-colored wigs and not giving the Queen Bee the props she feels she deserves.

[article id="1641022"]Drake has stepped up to defend his Young Money fam[/article], and now one of the titans of hip-hop beef, 50 Cent, has jumped into the fray. Fiddy suggests that it's not just Minaj's success that's bothering Kim -- he says the pint-size star may have an issue with Diddy's alliance with Nicki.

"It's probably a little more irritating to see Puffy stand next to Nicki Minaj and for him to say that [Rick] Ross reminds him of Biggie," 50 said in a video interview posted online with Power 98.3 FM in Phoenix. Lil' Kim held it down as a member of the Biggie-helmed collective Junior M.A.F.I.A. in the '90s and even fellow M.A.F.I.A. member [article id="1639512"]Lil' Cease has noticed[/article] Kim and Big's influence on Minaj and Ross. And now, [article id="1638096"]Diddy is managing Ross[/article], whose larger-than-life frame and slick lyrics are reminiscent of B.I.G., and has called [article id="1639804"] Minaj "one of the great ones."[/article]

50 also didn't hold back when discussing what he feels is the motivation behind Diddy's latest moves. "That's desperation on his part, 'cause his music sucks right now," said 50. "It's bad, so he's gotta kinda stay as close as he can to something else that has some momentum for it to be a'ight."

50 didn't stop there, suggesting that by aligning himself with the Miami boss and the Young Money Barbie, Diddy is trying to create buzz by association. "He's making himself cool to the people that like [Ross and Minaj]."

While 50 acknowledged the similarities between Kim and Minaj's swag, he doesn't think Kim should be rattled by the obvious influences.

"It's obvious ... she was inspired by some of Kim's [style]. But that's not bad. There's not a whole lot of female artists that you can make reference to, so you'll see those little influences even stronger. I think she's hot -- I think she's got a good little thing going right now, as far as Nicki Minaj is concerned."

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