'Spider-Verse' Event Teams Up Every Spider-Man - Ever

'Spider-Verse' event joins all comic book incarnations of Peter Parker, and beyond.

Are you ready to see a team-up featuring every Spider-Man, ever? Marvel Comics sure hopes you are, because starting in November they'll be launching the epic event "Spider-Verse," teaming up every incarnation of Spider-Man in comic book history to fight an evil being who is killing anyone with a spider logo on their chest.

The event kicks off in November, in "Amazing Spider-Man #9," by writer Dan Slott and artist Olivier Coipel. That said, fans will get the "first hints" of "Spider-Verse" in the April-launching "Amazing Spider-Man #1."

"The scope of this event is so big, the word 'epic' just doesn't do it justice," Nick Lowe, editor of the "Spider-Man" books said via press release. "The story is just huge and heartbreaking and has necessitated spreadsheets to organize all the Spider-Men. Luckily we have a writer who has proven time and time again he can thread impossible story-needles [Slott] and the most versatile character artist in the business [Coipel]."

To give a sense of how huge the event is, Marvel released a graphic by artist Gabriele Dell'Otto featuring a large chunk of the main cast: Spider-Man of course; but also all of his different incarnations over the years; and several incarnations of Spider-Woman and Spider-Girl thrown in for good measure.

In case you can't figure out exactly who everyone is, don't worry we annotated the graphic for you; though even with our vast Spider-Man knowledge, there's still a few more gaps to fill in. Help us out, readers, and let us know whom we missed in the comments below!

Note: Click for an enlarged, annotated version of the graphic!

In the story, Morlun -- a villain first introduced in 2001 — is hunting anyone who has ever been connected to Spider-Man throughout the multiverse, draining their "totemic" essence in order to become the only one to possess the strength of Spider-Man.

When the character has previously appeared, he was a super-strong unstoppable entity who pretty much killed Spider-Man. And as Jet Li proved in classic action flick "The One," if you steal the energy of a bunch of guys in different dimensions you get crazy strong. So will even a lot of Spider-Men be able to stop him?

The event actually kicks on May 3 as part of a Free Comic Book Day preview, paired with a "Guardians of the Galaxy" story by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Nick Bradshaw. In case it isn't clear from the name, you can walk into a comic book store on May 3, and get this comic totally free; no strings attached. How's that for a bargain?

"Spider-Verse" then officially starts in "Amazing Spider-Man #9," which hits stores everywhere in November. You will have to pay for that issue.