There's Nothing Like The Pure Joy Of Watching Justin Bieber Surprise His Fans

It's like watching a puppy experience snow for the first time.

There are few things that get me choked up in these dark Internet times where we've already seen everything -- CBS' "Sunday Morning" (every week, dude), weddings, those homecoming videos and now Justin Bieber surprising his fans. Sure, mock the kid all you want, but seeing the pure joy of fans who have invested so much time and love finally get to meet him -- and by surprise! -- is a real human experience that'll affect you.

Ahead of his album release on Friday, Justin is spending all week with Ellen Degeneres, who dubbed these five days "Bieber Week" on her talk show. On the last show, she brought in unsuspecting Beliebers who were put in front of a camera to film a testimonial about why they love the Biebs.

At the opportune moment -- like when they talked about waiting their whole lives to meet him -- Justin came out, and their reactions, well, they are so real and honest.

"This never gets old," JB said when he tweeted the video later. "Love u guys."

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