Could Garrett And Juliette Be A 'Siesta Key' Love Match?

Later, Alex -- Jules has moved on

Admit it — you didn't see that one coming.

With Kelsey unable to stop canoodling with Alex on Siesta Key, Juliette has set her sights on Garrett. Yes, Garrett.


So how did Gareitte become a thing? Simple: After Juliette caught wind of Alex's date with Kelsey, she declared she was "going after Garrett."

"If they're gonna be like that, I'll be like this," Jules told Madisson and Chloe at the latter's housewarming bash.

Cue Juliette swooping in to get even and "teach Alex a lesson" by telling Garrett about the Kompothecras playboy's reported hookup with Kelsey after the Gatsby gala. "We all know Alex," Juliette told the personal trainer. "I guarantee that if they went upstairs, it's not to play Checkers."

Juliette then asked Garrett out on a date, and he swiftly accepted. While Kelsey and Alex have no idea about their little affair, it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out — as it always does in Siesta Key.

So are Juliette and Garrett a good match? Aside from their gorgeous looks and mutual disdain for Alex, the two are big into exercise: Juliette teaches barre classes and Garrett is working on his own fitness empire, having recently booked Chloe as one of his newest clients. Jules is even going to star in one of Garrett's workout videos. So it sorta makes sense -- or it could be a ploy to make Alex/Kelsey jealous.

Do you think Jules and Garrett have potential, or will they fizzle out as quickly as they started? Comment with your thoughts, and catch another episode of Siesta Key next Monday at 10/9c.

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