'All Day' Is 'Nowhere Near The Hardest Joint' On Kanye West's Album, According To Travis Scott

Travis talks about what to expect from the upcoming Yeezy project.

With reporting by Nadeska Alexis

Since the New Year, we've gotten a few tastes of Kanye West's new album. On one side, there was the gentle, loving "Only One," a tribute to his daughter, North; on the other, the rambunctious, rowdy single "All Day."

Travis Scott, who's closely affiliated with Yeezy's G.O.O.D. Music, signed to his production outfit and produced on "All Day," says that track is only scratching the surface of what we'll hear on the upcoming album.

"You heard 'All Day'?" he said during an interview with MTV News last week. "Alright. And that's not even the hardest joint on there. That's nowhere near the hardest joint on there. Like, not even, like, close. And that sh-t is hard."

In general, it sounds like there's a lot to be excited about in terms of the direction of the album.

"I'm actually glad that 'Ye is back on his motherf--ker, man," he said. "Goin' brazy. Goin' 730 on these motherf--kers, man. Everyday, when I pull up on him at his crib, wherever, the first thing I say, man, is, like, 'N---a' -- you know how long I've been asking him like, Let's go with this 'All Day,' man. I'm just so glad that he's turning up."

"He doesn't like when people speak on this album, but yes, I can say I'm involved with the album, for sure."

As for Travis' own album, Rodeo? Yeah, expect a touch of 'Ye on there.

"Of course. He's part of my story, man," he said. "We've just been working on music and sh-t. Like I said, I don't want to speak on my album, 'cause you know how them headlines be, and sh-t, but of course, man. He's definitely involved in my album."

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