Janelle Monae Is A 'Little Crazy, Little Sexy, Little Cool' On 'I Like That'

She likes what she likes

In just 11 days, Janelle Monae is dropping her third album, Dirty Computer, along with a visual accompaniment she's calling an "emotion picture." And while last week, it was all about her joyous music video for "PYNK" — which she told MTV News is "a song that is near and dear and close to my heart" — Monae is kicking off this week with another album cut.

This one's called "I Like That" and finds her defining herself once again in the space where others might not choose to be: "I'm always left of center and that's right where I belong," she sings on the pre-chorus, "I'm the random minor note you hear in major songs."

Here, over a springy backbeat (and amid a vintage TLC shout-out), Monae plainly lays down the deal: She knows what she likes, and she also knows that not everyone likes what she likes. But that doesn't matter — because she likes them.

I remember when you laughed when I cut my perm off
And you rated me a six
I was like, “Damn”
But even back then with the tears in my eyes
I always knew I was the shit

Last week, as Monae broke down her "PYNK" video, she also talked about that song's genesis and how it fits into the framework of the album. "This is a personal experience for me," she said. "So when I got with all that black girl magic and we were all together and we were coming as individuals but collectively uniting, it was a powerful statement that was made."

In other words, "I like that / I don't really give a fuck if I was just the only one / Who likes that." Check out a portion of Monae's MTV News interview below.