Nev Schulman Wants To Erase Gender Stereotypes For Parents

The 'Catfish' host and his fiancée get candid about the topic in a brand-new video

Nev Schulman and his fiancée Laura Perlongo have been proud parents for more than three months -- and the Catfish couple is outspoken about subjects that relate to new moms and dads (from breastfeeding to postpartum depression). Now, Cleo James' folks are talking about another timely topic: ending gender stereotypes regarding child rearing.

In the ATTN: video above, the engaged pair -- with some adorable clips of Baby C -- open up about the misconceptions surrounding ladies and gentlemen.

"When it comes to being a man, society still has some pretty ridiculous ideas of what's supposed to mean," Nev declares in the clip, while Laura chimes in that the same is true for women and that cooking, cleaning and changing diapers are regarded as "mom jobs that are too feminine for men."

But the two are making it clear that being a caretaker is "totally manly" -- and there are facts to prove it.

Learn more about what studies say in the video -- and be sure to stay with MTV News for details around the upcoming season of Catfish (and also munchkin Cleo updates).

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