Watch Dwayne Johnson 'Shake If Off' In Epic 'Lip Sync Battle' Against Jimmy Fallon

Taylor Swift, you Rock.

This weekend sees the return of Dwayne Johnson as Diplomatic Security Service Luke Hobbs in the form of "Furious 7," and as a result, the man is absolutely everywhere right now — and that's not a complaint, considering the delightful smells The Rock is cooking up.

Case in point: Dwayne Johnson appeared last night on the very first episode of "Lip Sync Battle," the new spinoff of the "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" game, hosted by LL Cool J. In the inaugural episode, Fallon himself challenged Johnson to a battle, and found out that challenging Johnson to any kind of battle is always the wrong decision.

Watch Johnson absolutely crush the lip sync showdown, with a little help from Taylor Swift:

Shake it off, Jimmy. Just shake it off.

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