The Joke’s On 'Suicide Squad' Haters Thanks To A Killer Opening Weekend

Awful reviews aren’t keeping Harley Quinn fans from the DC blockbuster

The reviews are in — and they are really, really not great — but that’s hardly holding Suicide Squad back from one of the most successful movie openings of the summer. Or any summer in the history of time, technically.

The DC comics supervillain adventure hit theaters on August 5, and projections have the flick bringing in $145 to $150 million before Monday morning. As the Hollywood Reporter notes, this knocks Guardians of the Galaxy off the pedestal for the best August opening weekend for a film, and it’s set to trounce the opening weekend of comic anti-hero blockbuster Deadpool, too, which finished up its first few days in theaters with $134.2 million under its red and black belt.

And it’s not just performing well on its home turf, either: Critics worldwide have been genuinely disappointed in everything about the film, but audiences abroad are just as into the action-packed picture as American ones are, with theaters in the U.K., Mexico, and other international locales adding $33 million to the record-breaking sum.

Here’s hoping Suicide Squad doesn’t go the way of Batman v. Superman and see a severe drop-off in audience turnout on its second weekend, as it pretty much chased viewers away from theaters once moviegoers themselves began giving the film mediocre reviews. Cheers to the Suicide Squad cast and crew, because hey: We love rooting for the underdog, even if the underdog is a movie that critics think is as terrible as the crimes its bad guys gone good commit.

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