This 'Friends'-Themed 'Walking Dead' Intro Will Be There For You

Clap clap clap clap.

So, no one told you life was gonna be this way. Your wall's a joke, it broke, they shoved it right away... You get the idea.

"The Walking Dead" is hurting for some levity right about now -- especially since Rick's best laid plans just led a hoard of hungry walkers on a straight shot to Alexandria, thanks to the horn call of who-knows-who. Which basically BITES.

This "Friends"-themed "TWD" intro vid oughta do the trick, though. Because someone got the bright idea to cut together character snippets from "TWD" to match the happy-clappy theme song and put the l-a-u-g-h-t-e-r in "slaughter."


It might not be totally obvious who's who in this zombie apocalypse-style sitcom setup, but now this thing is giving us some ideas.

Rick Grimes would HAVE to be Ross Gellar. He's the loudest talker, the tie that binds the group together AND they even have the same initials.



Meanwhile, Michonne is absolutely the Phoebe Buffay here. She's super streetwise, AND her little walker entourage kinda reminds us of Gladys and Glynnis.

Gene Page/AMC


Glenn is definitely a Chandler. He's the one shred of comic relief on this show.

Gene Page/AMC


Maggie is definitely the Rachel Green of the group. She was a total daddy's girl but learned to make it on her own.

Gene Page/AMC


Carol is Monica -- or maybe even her braver alter ego, Manana. She even cooks, guys!

Gene Page/AMC


Carl is Ben, the take-him-or-leave-him kid who's bad at practical jokes. And Judith is Emma Gellar-Green, OBVI.

carl and judith

Daryl Dixon is the toughest nut to crack here, but we'd have to go with Joey, just because he's got that loyal-tough guy thing going on. Plus, he's pretty much willing to eat anything you give him.


Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead

And Abraham = Fun Bobby. You get it.



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