Q&A: Spider-Man's Latest Mary Jane, Laura Vandervoort, Talks!

Kirsten Dunst left rather large shoes to fill when it came to the iconic role of Mary Jane Watson in "Spider-Man." So big, in fact, that the newest movie, "The Amazing Spider-Man," opted to go the Gwen Stacy story route.

Not so for Activision's new video game featuring the great webbed one. "Smallville" and "Into the Blue 2" actress Laura Vandervoort took on the voiceover gig as M.J. for the game, which also features the voices of Val Kilmer and Katee Sackoff, and approached it rather differently than Dunst, she told NextMovie during San Diego Comic-Con.

But talking for iconic characters isn't all this sci-fi mainstay has been up to. You'll see quite a bit of the blonde beauty in 2012 – she stars opposite Tom Hardy and Chris Pine in "This Means War" and Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg in Seth MacFarlane's "Ted."

Did Kirsten Dunst’s performance at all inform how you handled Mary Jane?

[Mary Jane] was so different in this video game. I feel like this time, Mary Jane’s a lot more strong, dominant and independent. The way they drew her, she’s a tough woman, whereas I feel like in the movie, she’s a little more “damsel in distress.” And I wanted to do my own thing. It’s like Supergirl: I didn’t want to become Helen Slater, I wanted to have my own spin on it.

Was it fun doing voice work?

It was! I’d never done it before and I didn’t realize I wouldn’t have a monitor to look at when I was recording, so I didn’t know what M.J. looked like until after the fact so I sort of went with it. I had to record falling down an elevator shaft for an entire hour, so that was a way to let loose some stress, just screaming in a booth for an hour … It was quick, it was easy and you can go over the top with these voices, which you can’t when you’re on camera. You can really go crazy.

Did you actually wear sweat pants like everyone says they do when they do voice work?

I knew they were going to be videotaping and doing a behind-the-scenes thing, so no. But if it was a regular series and I got to come in every day and they weren’t videotaping it I would be in my Pink sweatpants from the line by Victoria’s Secret.

After "V" and "Smallville," you're finally doing some comedies. Specifically, Seth MacFarlane's directorial debut, "Ted." What can you tell us about your part in the movie?

I play Tanya, she’s Mark  Wahlberg’s co-worker at a car rental office. It’s a very bad rental office – we just sit around and talk and we never sell cars or rent them out. It was great and we were able to ad-lib. It was fun to let loose. [After] being on “V” and being so still and having very sci-fi-oriented dialogue and no emotions, doing “Ted” and being a guy’s girl and silly and laughing and dirty jokes was a lot of fun. It was freeing.

How was MacFarlane as a director?

He was great. He’s an actor’s director. He works with all the actors on “Family Guy” and he knows how to talk to us and he knows how to direct you, very laid back. Everyone loved him … He’d come up with one-liners on the spot and whisper them to you and you’d have to go with it.

How many voices did he do?

I didn’t hear too many but he’s doing the voice of Ted so he was doing that voice.

And you're working with Chris Pine and Tom Hardy for "This Means War" – that doesn't suck.

Yeah, you know, it’s tough work but someone’s gotta do it. [Laughs]. For the scene, I had a red wig and I was in this leather dress; it didn’t look anything like me, which I love. And that scene was a little bit of improvising and comedy, and back and forth sarcasm.

Has anyone you've worked with lately given you any advice that you found especially valuable?

[Laughs] On the day I wrapped [on "Ted"], our camera guy literally yelled out across the room, “Remember, don’t date anyone in this industry! Date a doctor, a nobody.”

And are you keeping to that advice?

Umm … no comment.

You’re like a Kung-Fu master or something, right?

Kind of. I started doing martial arts when I was about 7, and I got my second degree black belt when I was 19. So I have my second degree black belt, but I’ve never used it and I had to stop when I got “Instant Star” because I couldn’t train. So, yeah I can still kick someone’s ass if I had to, I think. But I haven’t had to yet.

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