What Chris Isaak Likes In A Woman

to the card by Isaak.

Chris Isaak played two nights at the newly opened Hard Rock Hotel in

Las Vegas last weekend (April 28 and April 29), warmup dates in

advance of a European tour and the May 23rd release of his new Reprise

album Forever Blue . The shows were outstanding successes, with

the band receiving three encores. But all work and no play make Chris

a dull boy, and when the sun was up, Isaak and company were out at the

hotel pool, splashing about in the azure blue when they weren't

monopolizing the covered 50-foot long water slide, which was poised

over the pool. Isaak, resplendent in his striped jams, ever the rebel,

defied the rules, and refused to "keep his hands by his sides at all

times " as hotel proprietor, Peter Morton stood scowling nearby.

Recently, the affable Isaak has been skewered in the tabloid press by

Margaret Cho, the comedian and star of "All American Girl," whom he

dated last year. Cho claimed that the reason she and Chris Isaak split

up was because she talked about their dating in her stand-up act.

Apparently one night Chris caught her act, and was appalled by the

intimate details she revealed. Margaret countered that he should have

been flattered, adding that Isaak has too many hang-ups. According to

a spokesman at Isaak's record label, "Chris insists he was never her

boyfriend. He went out with her for a while, but that was it. He

certainly never thought they dated so she could make him a part of her

act. He was also surprised to find her publicist announcing to the

media that he and Cho were going out. He went out with Margaret

because he liked her, not to supply her with material. He told me the

whole thing made him feel used--as if she used him as a stepping stone

in her career." Enough said. On May 22, to commemorate the new

release, Chris Isaak and Silvertone will play the Los Angeles House of

Blues, and after their set, they'll cross Sunset Boulevard, to play

Tower Records at 11:45 PM. At the stroke of midnight, their album

will go on sale (who thinks up these things?). Isaak vows he will sign

every album sold that night, remaining at Tower as long as it takes to

finish. After that will he cook breakfast?

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