Ke$ha Explains How That Dollar $ign In Her Name Got There

(Credit: Circe Baumgartner/MTV)

Since she first broke through with "TiK ToK" and had people asking, "Who the H is this dollar sign girl?" Ke$ha has always claimed that the now infamous money symbol in her stage name was meant to be ironic. But what if it wasn't? What if it all stemmed from a ridiculous misunderstanding?

The LOL dudes over at put together a clever video about how Ke$ha's renown dollar sign got there. In the video (which stars Ke$ha herself), Ke$ha recalls a birthday party she had at Shakey's Pizza. The restaurant happened to run out of the letter "S" for the marquee outside, and instead of reading "Happy Birthday Kesha," the sign read "Happy Birthday Ke$ha." Ke$ha was devastated and claims the incident "pretty much ruined [her] life." Having a dollar sign in her name, she had no other choice but to become a pop star.

Later, Ke$ha returns to the Shakey's Pizza that scarred her for life after she's informed that they now have enough S's for the marquee to display her name properly. Ke$ha pulls up in a limo only to find that they ran out of A's and has yet another new name--Kesh4.

+ Check out the hilarious Funny Or Die video below. (Language NSFW.)

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