Simon Pegg Confirms He's 'Absolutely' Returning For 'Mission: Impossible 5'

Actor also talks about rumors that Joe Cornish will direct 'Star Trek.'

With "Mission: Impossible 5" officially a go for Christmas Day 2015, it's time to see who from the team will be back. You can obviously bet on Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt leading the group, and now you can add one more sure-thing to the upcoming sequel.

When speaking with MTV News while promoting the Blu-ray release of "The World's End," Simon Pegg confirmed that he will return for "Mission: Impossible 5," marking his third appearance in the franchise. The fifth entry will be directed by "Jack Ryan" helmer Christopher McQuarrie, who also worked with Cruise on that film.

"Yes, absolutely. I'm looking forward to doing that," Pegg said when asked about the film. "I've already started eating one carrot a day in order to be in shape. Actually, that's not good for you to do that. Don't do that."

"Unless you're a rabbit," Nick Frost added helpfully.

But one blockbuster franchise isn't enough for Pegg, who also has a very active role in the rebooted "Star Trek" series. Recent rumors named one of his friends, "Attack the Block" filmmaker Joe Cornish, as the director Paramount is eying for the job.

While Pegg did confirm that it was a possibility, he explained that such deals are complicated and in this case, still up in the air.

"That's not definite," he said. "I just had a long conversation with Joe about it the other week. I'd love him if he did it. There's obviously a lot of factors. It's not just a question of 'Yeah, I'll do that.' He has things of his own going on. It would be enormous fun. He is such a smart guy and a clever film director. It would be an interesting addition to the team."

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