Christine And The Queens Sings The Purples On 'People, I've Been Sad'

Move over blue

Christine and the Queens debuted a new song on A Colors Show and after watching its video, you'll learn two very important things. 1) This song is very, very, emotionally raw, and sounds even grandiose, like it's determined to be the biggest tune about being down in the dumps in world history, and 2) Purple is Christine's color, and I wouldn't blame her if she wore it and only it for the rest of her life.

First off, #5DBCD2: That's the shade of this marvelous purple room that Christine stands in, cavernously caroling her latest so smoothly that even the synths sound like they're weeping. This grand spectacle finds Christine divulging her feelings about being submerged in sadness ready to get out. "It's true that people, I've been missing out / Missing out for way too long," she sings boldly. She's in the process of snapping herself out of this funk and getting back to her former self.

Her wonderful performance is the star of this video, and it's not just because of the lovely lavender landscape. Cadet Blue isn't technically purple, but her magnificent suit fits the color scheme perfectly. She looks the part and sings it, too. I think we can all agree that purple means sad now, right?

Christine released her sophomore album, Chris, in 2018. Last year, she collaborated with Charli XCX on their high-energy track, "Gone."

Check out Christine's awesome new song, "People, I've Been Sad," and a performance of it up above.