'Teen Mom 2' Tearjerker: Leah's Daughter Aleeah Asks A Heartbreaking Question About Ali

Find out how the mother of three handled the difficult query

Leah and Corey have done their very best to explain Ali's muscular dystrophy diagnosis to the seven-year-old as well as her twin Aleeah Grace, even though there are understandable difficulties that come with comprehending this medical diagnosis at a young age. But despite the parent's best efforts, Aleeah asked a heartbreaking question about the cause of her sister's genetic condition.

"Is it because I crammed her up? Because I squished her?" the little girl posed to her mother during tonight's Teen Mom 2 installment, while implying that she could have been responsible for her sibling's condition while they were in their mother's belly.

A visibly surprised Leah stressed that this wasn't the case, but rather a "gene mutated."


"It had nothing to do with you," Leah stated.

When Aleeah quickly chimed in that she didn't quite understand what her mother was saying, Leah added, "You'll learn when you get older, but it's not your fault."


With Leah and Corey always being honest with their children about Ali's condition, conversations like the candid talk Aleeah had with her mother will only continue as the Simms girls grow. To see the family's story unfold, keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Monday on at 9/8c.