Ariana Grande's 'Breathin' Video Is Here And It's Definitely Not What You Expected

A star is born in this video, and it's Ari's pig

If you subscribe to Ariana Grande's official YouTube channel, there's a good chance you screamed upon seeing a new upload titled "Ariana Grande - breathin" on Wednesday evening (October 10). The singer has said she plans to make a music video for the fan-favorite Sweetener jam, and this appeared to be it... that is, until you actually hit the play button.

Turns out, the video consists entirely of the "breathin" audio set to footage of Piggy Smallz, Grande's pet pig that she shares with her fiancé, Pete Davidson. It's a hilarious troll move on Ari's part, but also a weirdly satisfying one. After all, "breathin" is a song about overcoming anxiety, and watching a fluffy, cute-as-hell pig walk around for three straight minutes is oddly relaxing. Who knew?!

Upon Sweetener's release in August, "breathin" emerged as a streaming favorite and is now in the top 20 at radio. Earlier on Wednesday, Grande thanked fans for supporting the track while also listing all the priorities on her docket: "Tryna announce american sweetener tour dates asap, tryna get u the docuseries asap and tryna shoot a breathin video bc i forgot to (hope there’s still time)," she wrote on Instagram.

Only time will tell if Grande will release a legit, human-starring video for "breathin," but for now, let's give Piggy Smallz her moment in the spotlight. Truly, a star is born.

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