Nas Talks Making Peace With Mobb Deep's Prodigy

'I guess he just wanted to clear the air on some past things that don't mean anything today,' Nas says of Prodigy's post-jail phone call.

The relationship between Queens rappers [artist id="1111164"]Prodigy[/artist] and [artist id="1000"]Nas[/artist] has had its fair share of ups and downs. There have been collaborations and dis records over the years, and in the new book "My Infamous Life," Mobb Deep's Prodigy touched on his relationship with God's Son, starting with the first time they met during a battle in New York's Queensbridge housing project.

In a recent interview, [article id="1663894"]Prodigy told MTV News[/article] how he called Nas to make peace after he was released from his three-year prison bid this past March.

During an exclusive sit-down with Sway, the Illmatic rapper spoke about P's call. "He called me as soon as he got out of jail; he got in touch with me. We talked about some things," Nas said. "I didn't know he had a book. He didn't tell me that. I guess he just wanted to clear the air on some past things that don't mean anything today."

After patching things up, Nas agreed to collaborate with Prodigy on the Mobb Deep record "Dog Sh--," which was leaked onto the Internet in April. "I just jumped on the record; put that to the past or whatever ill feelings he had towards me," Nas told Sway. "I think he was misinformed about things, like I was a negative guy or like I was trying to harm him in any kind of way. I think maybe he just grew up a little bit."

Prodigy was proud to continue the Nas/ Mobb Deep legacy. "When we make songs together, man, it's another level, it's incredible music. It just gives you that feeling, like nostalgia almost," Prodigy said of the Mobb and Nas' past collaborations. "The music is just real powerful when Mobb Deep and Nas work together. So I said, 'We gotta keep that feeling going, man. We would be fools to stop doing that because of whatever petty bullsh-- that was going on.' "

With "Dog Sh--" in the can, Nas wasn't sure if and when any more Mobb Deep collaborations would surface. "At the moment, I just got back into the studio, and my focus right now has been just starting to work on the album, so who knows?" he said.

As far as Prodigy's book, Esco didn't even know it existed, though he is mentioned in it quite a bit. While Prodigy insists that all of his accounts of Nas were in a positive light, the QB MC doesn't seemed bothered either way and gave general advice for any would-be authors. "Tell the truth if you're gonna write a book. Tell the truth to the best of your ability, that's all I would say to anybody. Just tell the truth," he said.

"Do what you wanna do, I had books written about me before, and it is what it is."

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