Eddie Redmayne Is Literally Paying People's Rent Because He's The Best Human

He's not just a delicate wood nymph, he's also a good Samaritan!

Any acting student can tell you that it's incredibly difficult to get by when you're trying to make rent, pay off student loans and go to classes all at the same time. Heck, even Oscar winning superstars like Eddie Redmayne know this struggle intimately.

Except Redmayne is clearly a better person than all of us, because he doesn't just admit to his humble beginnings -- sometimes he helps total strangers overcome theirs.

Speaking with GQ for their latest quarterly UK cover, the star of the upcoming "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" film admitted that he has been known to help out burgeoning students with their rent in London, where the average price of rent recently rose to as high as £2,583 ($3783.45).

"The greatest privilege that I had was that my parents lived in London," Redmayne said. "So when I was out of university and out of work for a year, working in a pub, I didn't pay rent. And I get letters from people trying to go to drama school and needing to pay their rent. And so that's something I occasionally do. It's impossibly expensive to live in London."

Yup, it's no wonder this man was chosen to be a Hufflepuff. What other kind of person would send what must be thousands of dollars to total strangers simply out of the goodness of their heart?


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