'The Shannara Chronicles' Shocker: The Changeling Just Killed [SPOILER]

Find out which 'major' character has become the demon's latest victim.

Since using its shape-shifting powers to invade Arborlon palace, the Changeling has committed countless acts of subterfuge. But on tonight's episode of "The Shannara Chronicles," the evil demon made its most shocking move yet: It killed King Eventine.

Yup. We gasped too.

The stupefying murder occurred at very end of an action-packed hour that saw Eretria betray her father (amen!), Cephelo actually help Wil kill a demon (what?!) and Prince Ander team up with the gnome who killed his brother (um, okay). In between, King Eventine did his best to hold down the fort -- oh, and he had a shouting match with his other son about how to handle the threats of the Dagda Mor.

"We must attack," Prince Arion had told his father after discovering that a village -- and all its residents -- were destroyed by demons. (He even brought back a decapitated head to prove it -- thanks, Arion).

But the king refused to declare war. "Our obligation is to the Ellcyrs," he insisted. "We must secure the Sanctuary until Amberle's return."

When Arion retorted with a snippy, "We don't even know if Amberle will return," Eventine blew his royal stack.

"This is not a debate!" he shouted, rising from his throne (fact: when a king gets off his throne, he's pissed). "Secure the palace. You will guard and protect the Ellcrys. That is an order."

But just how secure could the palace be when the Changeling -- who everyone assumed was dead after Allanon snapped its neck -- was actually very much alive? So far, it'd wreaked havoc on the palace: For one, it murdered that poor royal arborist. Morphing into Amberle, it also 86'd Loren. After killing a watch guard, it then transformed into the fallen sentinel, then morphed into Eretria in an effort to frame her for the attack on Princess Amberle (you following this? Good). And, lest we forget, the Changeling also kept tabs on the palace's goings-on by turning into king's precious pooch Manx (nothing is sacred to demons). What in the world would the creature of darkness morph into next?

Well, we'll tell ya...

By episode's end, when Arion approached the king with eyes of atonement, we figured he'd finally had a change of heart.

"I've failed you, father," he began. "This rift between us -- I can't bear it."

In an act of forgiveness, the king embraced his son. "I need you by my side now more than ever," he assured him. But there was one hitch: Despite Arion's previous urgings, Eventine announced he still wouldn't abdicate and give his son the throne.

"Well... I'll just have to take it," Arion said, plunging a dagger into his own father and watching the emperor fall to the ground.

But just when we thought the prince had lost his majestic mind, "Arion" morphed into Eventine -- that's right, it was the Changeling all along. And now, posing as the most powerful man in all of The Four Lands, it took a seat on the throne and declared, "Long live the king."


Now we're left to contemplate: Will anyone discover that the king is really the Changeling? And, in the meantime, what kind of chaos will the ancient demon cause for Arborlon palace? Even worse, will the "king" be able to throw a wrench in Amberle's mission to save the Ellcrys? Head to the comments and talk "Shannara" -- then get ready for another episode on Tuesday at 10/9c!

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