Steven Spielberg Game Axed At EA

It's good that Steven Spielberg has been looking ahead to new video game-related ventures lately, such as developing the "Halo" movie and playing with Move, because his previous EA game, which was codenamed "LMNO," has been canceled. The "Boom Blox" maker's latest game creation looked as though it might still be in the works, thanks to a story editor's website credits earlier this year, but the cancellation is now official.

"While EA maintains its relationship with Steven Spielberg, we ceased development of 'LMNO,'" an EA representative told Joystiq.

As for what games might emerge from that continuing relationship, EA wasn't quite so forthcoming.

"EA continually monitors development resources and adjusts resources as appropriate," the rep explained. "No new title announcements."

We should be thankful that Spielberg's relationship with EA is still ongoing for two reasons — first, because "Boom Blox" was a clever piece of work, and whatever he and his team are hatching for their next game, it's likely going to be worth paying attention to. Secondly, however, whatever time he's spending with EA is less time that's being investing in an ultimate post-Bungie era nightmare scenario wherein "Halo: The Official Game Based Stephen Spielberg's 'Halo: The Movie'" comes out down the road. Gamers the world over would probably much rather see a brand new IP, or even another "Boom" sequel. "Boom Sfeers," anyone?

What did you think of Steven Spielberg's "Boom Blox"? Were you looking forward to finding out more about "LMNO"? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.

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