Nas Says 'Hip-Hop Is Dead' -- New Album Due In September

Album will be MC's debut for Def Jam.

NEW YORK -- Where will you be when hip-hop dies? Nas is hoping you'll be in the store, buying his next album, Hip-Hop Is Dead ... The N.

"September is the album," Nas said backstage at Radio City Music Hall Thursday night after his appearance at the Roots' show (see [article id="1530227"]"Nas, Mos Def To Join The Roots For 'Wet-Dream' N.Y. Show"[/article]). "It's called Hip-Hop Is Dead ... The N." The letter at the end is meant to be a play on "the end," he added.

Although he wasn't too forthcoming with info, he explained the name as a play on words.

"I didn't name it that. Fans named it that; rappers named it that," he elaborated about the title. "It's been the talk for years, so here's an album that brings ... not even the rebirth, it's just an album with that thing that everybody is talking about. I got a street look coming real soon, and more soon after. Summertime is definitely going to be Nas time."

The album will be Nas' debut for Def Jam (see [article id="1524319"]"Nas On 'Partnering With' Jay-Z: 'I'm Ready To Go -- I'm Ready To Kick Ass' "[/article]).

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