'On My Block''s Season 2 Trailer Answers Your Lingering Questions

The series returns March 29

After dropping an emotion-drenched cold open for On My Block's upcoming second season, Netflix is lightening up the mood with a trailer that reverts back to the show's funny side.

But first — if you don't want answers regarding Ruby's fate and last week's shocking eye-opener, you should stop reading now. This trailer reveals the outcome of Season 1's fateful cliffhanger.

And if you do want answers...

The Season 2 trailer sees the four friends together again, all in seemingly good health — especially Ruby (Jason Genao), who floats into Jamal's (Brett Gray) major announcement to say he's "been high all night" within the first few seconds of the preview and is back to his normal energetic self throughout the rest of the trailer.

Anyway, Jamal's announcement — he found the RollerWorld money! We saw him luxuriating in his spoils in the cold open, and now he's finally sharing the news with his friends. This season, it appears that his previous obsession with finding the money will turn into an obsession with keeping the money, and he looks to Cesar (Diego Tinoco) for help getting his $200,000 protected.

And speaking of Cesar, he and Monse (Sierra Capri) are still together and hotter than ever. It sounds like they'll even be trading 'I love yous' this season.

Those ups are sure to be followed with some downs, but Ruby, Jamal, Cesar, and Monse will have each other to lean on through it all.

Check out the trailer above. Season 2 of On My Block drops on Netflix March 29.