Beau Mirchoff Has Just One-Upped Your Most 'Awkward' High School Photo

See how he looked before blossoming into Matty McKibben!

The ladies of Palos Hills see Matty McKibben as a work of art, but even Roman busts have their "Awkward" imperfections.

Actor Beau Mirchoff, who plays the show's top-seeded jock, spilled his guts in an interview with Harper's Bazaar that was published yesterday. In it, he laid down his vices (ALL the coffee), explained how his girlfriend has influenced his daily routine (many more Lifetime movie screening nowadays) and admitted he's nearly been inked by a Canadian octopus. too!

Finally, after Beau rattled off his favorite TV shows and explained how stomping his feet gets him properly prepped for emotional scenes, reporter Romy Oltuski asked Beau to tweet the most awkward photo taken during the actor's high school days. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Beau immediately posted this:

And suddenly, Jenna Hamilton's chipped tooth gets the company it so rightfully deserves...

No two ways around it, this is a masterpiece. From the giddy expression, to what could conceivably be the side of a paperboy cap, Beau gets high school nostalgia right. But let's not let the cheese stand alone -- how did some of his "Awkward" co-stars look between grades nine and 12?

Jillian Rose Reed

Brett Davern

Greer Grammer

Ah, yes -- that's the stuff. Tell us what you think of the "Awkward" cast's high school shots, and stay tuned for a brand-new episode tonight at 10/9c!