'Teen Wolf' Reveal: The Beast Is None Other Than [SPOILER]

We didn't see 'that' one coming.

STOP RIGHT THERE -- unless you've seen the latest Teen Wolf episode, because a major spoiler is ahead.

We're absolutely kicking ourselves right now; we didn't even consider that La Bête could be Liam's other bestie half! But many of you certainly saw it coming. (Yep, we trolled the comments — bravo, Teen Wolf diehards!)

They say hindsight is 20/20, and looking back, it all makes sense. Mason — who wears sneakers, mind you — was never actually seen with The Beast. During last week's ep, Corey seemed super weirded out after their kiss on the bus, shortly before The Beast attacked Liam... right near that same bus. *face palm*

And don't even get us started on the history! Did anyone expect La Bête to be RELATED to the Argent clan? Marie-Jeanne Valet has some giant balls of steel for not only murdering The Beast but for killing her big bad brother to boot.

Speaking of, once La Bête remembers its original name — Sebastian Valet — Mason will be little but a memory, leaving Corey (aka a modern-day Marcel) heartbroken and Liam without a beast friend (we couldn't resist). Here's hoping Lydia and/or Parrish can save the day, because according to old man Gerard, they're our only hope.

+ Were you just as surprised as us to learn The Beast's teenage identity? Be honest so we don't feel like such idiots, and meet us back here later this week for an interview with Khylin Rhambo, the actor behind Mason and La Bête!