Jennifer Lawrence's Ebola Awareness PSA Is Emotional And Important

"Mockingjay" star Jeffrey Wright produced and arranged the PSA.

There's a lot of misinformation out there about Ebola, but Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the cast of "The Hunger Games" are here to help you sort through what's fact, and what's fiction.

Which sounds like a bizarre combination until you realize it was actor/activist Jeffrey Wright (Beetee, for you Tributes out there) who produced the PSA for the Ebola Survival Fund. The cause it pretty just, too: instead of freaking out about the disease at home, let's concentrate our efforts on West Africa, where its actually making a severe, extremely negative impact.

Wright talked to Entertainment Weekly about the PSA, linking it to the themes of "The Hunger Games" itself:

"The Hunger Games allegory aligns with this Ebola outbreak in that we, the United States, the West, relative to this, is very much like the Capitol and Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, are very much like the outer districts," Wright said. "I thought, well, let’s play with that idea as a way of highlighting the stark contrast between we, the Capitol, and they, the outer districts, and using some of the constructs from the movie as a way of shining additional light on some of the contrasts."

Some commenters on YouTube haven't quite gotten it, mostly pointing out that Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence look super cute together, or being pissed off this wasn't a teaser for "Mockingjay - Part 2." But for a good majority, it seems like the pairing of a prominent cast and an important issue has raised awareness where it needs to be raised.