Justin Bieber And Ed Sheeran Are Teasing Something Exciting In '10'

Nearly identical photos are all it takes to send the Biebernet into a frenzy

Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran may have something new in the works. What it is... we're not exactly sure yet. But there's a green background involved. So it appears to be a music video? We're grasping at straws here.

Bieber tweeted two pictures today: one of him smiling in front of a green background and another of Sheeran in a similar pose, standing in front of what appears to be the same backdrop. The pictures came with one caption: "10." Could it be 10 days? An album called 10? A song named "10?" We don't know yet. But we'll be sure to keep in eye out for further information.

In an ideal world, it'd be new music. Last month, Bieber announced that he would be taking a break from music to focus on his family and mental health. At Coachella earlier this month, he made a surprise appearance during Ariana Grande's set and announced that new music was on the way.

It could be quite possible that this break is over and that Bieber is in a good spot to return and do what he does best. And given his track record with Sheeran, who penned "Love Yourself," it could be very good news indeed.

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