Say Goodbye To Your Magic Wand -- Disney Bans Selfie Sticks From Rides

Selfie safely, everyone.

The death of the selfie stick must be imminent, because it seems like the entire world is slowly turning against it. Several music festivals and museums have already banned the device, and now the most magical place in the world (Disney World, duh) is joining the list...

At least when it comes to roller coasters.

Signs at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Anaheim's Disneyland show that the parks are getting stricter about where and when you can brandish your selfie stick. More specifically, you can't whip it out on the middle of a roller coaster because, um, that's kind of a safety hazard, don't ya think?

For some inexplicable reason, this was (and still is) an issue at the theme parks. Walt Disney World's official policy says that "Guests riding attractions, trams and other moving vehicles are already asked to securely stow any equipment such as cameras, canes and other personal belongings — and selfie sticks are in the same category."

In other words, you can bring a selfie stick with you on the ride ... as long as you keep it safely hidden away in your pocket. Disney called the signs "a continuation of our communication efforts at a few key attractions" in an email to the Orlando Sentinel.

It's common sense, ya'll. Selfie sticks and Splash Mountain can't possibly mix! Don't risk your life for that perfect, in-the-moment Instagram or Snapchat pic. Everyone should practice safe selfie-ing -- just take a selfie the old-fashioned way, with your hand. It's not the end of the (Disney) world!