BIG News: Austin Mahone And Becky G Are Dating-- He Told Us So

It's on and it's 'real.'

With reporting by James Lacsina

It's official! Austin Mahone and Becky G are 100% a couple.

The adorable teens have been hinting at a relationship over the past few weeks, posting pics on Instagram together and exchanging sweet tweets.

So when we caught up with Austin on the set of the video for his upcoming single, "Dirty Work," we had to know exactly what was going on between these two.

"Yeah, you could say we're dating. We're dating," he said before adding, "It's crazy, I never had, like, a real relationship before, so it's pretty crazy."

Austin, who previously dated Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello, also said we'll get an inside glimpse into his relationship with Becky G, since he's starring in the music video for her song "Lovin' So Hard."

"We shot it recently. It was a song for her single that is out already, it's a real cool video. It's just me and her going around the city of LA, and going to the beach, and just hanging out, doing fun stuff," he said. "It was a real intimate type video."

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