Demi Lovato Reveals Grandfather Was Gay: Watch Her Touching Tribute

Her revelation came during Logo TV's 'Trailblazers' special, airing this Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.

Demi Lovato and the LGBT community have always been rather close. The "Heart Attack" singer was the Grand Marshall at Los Angeles' Pride Parade earlier this month. She'll be performing at New York's Pride this weekend.

And as she revealed at Logo TV's inaugural "Trailblazers" special (airing this Thursday at 9pm), one of her family members was also a trailblazer in the LGBT community.

When speaking at the event, which coincides with the one-year anniversary of the defeat of DOMA -- Demi shared something she's never shared before.

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"I've never spoken about this before, but my grandfather himself was a trailblazer. He was brave enough to come out in the 1960s, and I feel a lot of my spirit has come from him," she said. "He passed away a few years later and I only wish he could have been able to see all the progress that has been made."

Demi is hardly the only big-name celebrity who was there for the "Trailblazers" special. Daniel Radcliffe, Adam Levine, Nate Ruess, Lance Bass, Joe Manganiello, the cast of Orange Is The New Black and Sia were all in the house to honor leaders in the LGBT community.

And you can watch it all on Logo TV, Thursday, June 26 at 9p ET.

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