Bobby Shmurda Reminds 50 Cent Of Chief Keef

Fif likes what the rising rapper represents.

In an interview last month, 50 Cent said he feels like Bobby Shmurda "needs work." But on Thursday (September 4), he was singing a bit of a different tune -- this one more positive.

"That's hip-hop to me," 50 said during an interview with "Ebro in the Morning" on Hot 97, speaking about the Brooklyn up-and-comer behind the buzzing hit "Hot N---a."

"This genre of music created more...African-American and Latinos and minority millionaires -- it created the most out of all genres of music. And it's because it provides an opportunity for you to have nothing and for us to be intrigued with it. And support it."

And there's another young rapper that comes to mind when the Queens native sees Shmurda.

"It's hard for me not to like it, because it reminds me of Chief Keef," Fif added. "It feels like the Drill music that they made. It's the same energy. It's a New York version of it."

50 and G-Unit's new EP, The Beauty of Independence, is available now.

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