Justin Bieber 'Definitely' Doesn't Wear The Same Pair Of Underwear Twice

In January, Justin Bieber was named as the face—and, LBR, bod—of Calvin Klein. While we all benefitted from the partnership—hi, giant posters of shirtless JB—it turns out that Justin also got a li'l something out of the deal—underwear. So much underwear. The most underwear.

Last night on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Justin revealed that Calvin Klein has sent him so many pairs of underwear that he "definitely doesn't wear them twice." I think James speaks for us all when he says, "That's the life." Imagine a world where you always have clean underwear—that's the world Justin Bieber lives in.

The rest of the clip features JB and JC singing along to a number of Bieber's hits and Boyz II Men—um, yeah—and includes Justin quickly solving a Rubik's Cube, a skill we've seen him show off before. When he did it for MTV in 2009, he was swoopy-haired and, um, not exactly CK underwear model material. Things have (obviously) changed, though—and, TBH, we're all better for it.

Watch the clip below!