Aimee Mann Talks "Magnolia" As Golden Globes Approach

Aimee Mann, former lead singer of the synth-pop band 'Til Tuesday, is riding a wave of critical success again with the soundtrack to the film "Magnolia," featuring nine of her songs. The singer has even earned a Golden Globe Award nomination for one of those tracks, "Save Me," which is up for Best Song From A Film.

Mann released two solo albums in the mid-'90s, though she ran into difficulties getting them properly promoted by her various labels. She finally left the majors last year, a move that has allowed her to release a new record, "Bachelor #2," independently later this month.

One person who seems to have been aware of Mann's emotion-laden singing and songwriting for years is "Magnolia" director Paul Thomas Anderson, whose recent comments to the press practically give Mann the credit for his screenplay. The singer is quick to refute any exaggerated credit.

[article id="1447575"]"It's very flattering,"[/article] Mann told MTV News, [article id="1447575"]"and obviously, [it] can't really possibly be true. It's a three-hour movie. Somebody did some writing. So I'm like, 'Somebody did some work, and it wasn't me.' But I think that's great to be able to inspire another person." [RealVideo][/article]

While her fans include Anderson, his girlfriend Fiona Apple, and Apple's producer Jon Brion (who worked with Mann on "Magnolia"), Mann feels that her past experiences have taught her that the critical praise she's now receiving may not be long lasting.

"The attention part of it and having a lot of press and people talking about you," Mann began, "well, that's happened to me before, and then not, and then... yes, and then not. And you kind of know that this will be here, and it's really fun, and then it won't. And you can't take it too seriously."


To see how Mann fares at this year's Golden Globe Awards, the ceremony airs Sunday night on NBC starting at 8:00 p.m. (ET). The following Tuesday, Mann and her husband Michael Penn will begin a short U.S. club tour in San Francisco (see [article id="1431662"]"Aimee Mann, Michael Penn Take Husband-Wife Show On Road"[/article]).

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