Oasis' Noel Sounds Off On Paul McCartney, Diana Mourners

October 10 [7:55 EDT] -- The sudden antagonism between Oasis and the band that most influenced it, the Beatles, continues.

Earlier this week we reported on a Liam Gallagher rant in which he called ex-Beatle George Harrison a "nipple" (Brit slang for "idiot") because Harrison recently said nobody would remember Oasis in 30 years (see [article id="1425554"]Oasis' Liam Hurls "Nipple" At Beatles' Harrison[/article]).

Now, in an interview with Toby Amies for "MTV Live" the other day, Oasis guitarist and creative voice Noel Gallagher found time to slag Paul McCartney during a discussion of his collaborations with Goldie and the Chemical Brothers.

Recent press reports quote McCartney as calling Oasis "derivative," and say that the ex-Beatle went on to say of the band "They really mean nothing to me.

In explaining his work with various outside artists, Noel said, [article id="1439242"]"I haven't got any problems with anyone, especially

Paul McCartney."[/article]

When asked if there had been any trouble between the Oasis camp and Paul McCartney, Noel said, [article id="1439242"]"I don't know, I think he's just going senile, isn't he?" [700k QuickTime][/article]

Never at a loss for attention-grabbing comments, Noel has also been quoted in the British tabloids this week, on that country's continued mourning of Princess Diana.

The woman's dead. Shut up. Get over it," Noel is quoted as saying. The elder Gallagher brother is also quoted as saying that the public's emotion is "an outpouring of guilt, not sympathy.