'Teen Mom 2' Confrontation: Will Roxanne's Tough Talk Get Through To Luis?

Briana's mother held nothing back during this week's episode

Briana's mother Roxanne has always backed up her daughter -- especially when it comes to issues pertaining to the fathers of her grandchildren. And during this week's episode, the Teen Mom 2 grandmother addressed her daughter's baby daddy Luis about how he needs to be a part of his child's life.

"It's a horrible situation," Roxanne told Luis after a doctor's appointment for Briana. "What kind of dad are you committed to being?"

"I'm going to be there regardless," Luis said.

But Roxanne didn't believe him. "Luis, you already have a daughter and you're not there," she stated.


While Luis disagreed (claiming he can't be there daily for his older offspring), Roxanne was still doubtful about his future behavior.

"It's now or never -- kids need something every single day," she firmly expressed. "Even me, I'm 46 and they're grown -- it's still not f**king easy. Financially, emotionally and physically."

Luis re-iterated his intention to co-parent with Bri -- but Roxanne maintained that Bri would still carry the brunt of the work. And when Roxanne walked away from the candid chat, she felt "very bitter" and not at all optimistic about what would happen after the baby arrived.


"I feel bad for Stella," Roxanne told Briana (without Luis present). "He's a f**king quitter."

But what do you think? Will Roxanne's strong words resonate with Luis? Or do you believe Luis -- and that he is committed to his future little girl? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Briana and her loved ones on Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c.