Shakur's Estate Hit With Default Claim Over Shooting

A default judgement against the estate of Tupac Shakur for $210,000 has been awarded to a Georgia state deputy sheriff allegedly shot by the rapper in 1993.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution" says that the shots were fired following a "road rage" traffic dispute. The off-duty deputy, Scott Whitwell, was reportedly crossing a street in Atlanta on foot with his brother, Mark, when a car almost hit them. As they argued with the driver, two other cars pulled up, and the Whitwells ran - but apparently not fast enough. The two men were shot in the buttocks.

Witnesses later identified the shooter as Shakur, who was in town for a concert and staying at the same hotel as the Whitwells.

The paper reports that police initially charged Shakur with the shootings and Mark Whitwell with firing at Shakur's car and with making false statements to police. Prosecutors later dropped all charges against both parties leaving just the civil action. Mark Whitwell's

lawsuit against Shakur was settled out of court, but his brother's suit was not.

Shakur had filed a $2-million counter suit claiming that Scott Whitwell had made false accusations and the shooting was justified. But a judge issued the default judgment against Shakur's estate last week in favor of Scott Whitwell after the rapper's lawyers failed to make court-required disclosures.

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