Emma Watson Turns Down The Glass Slipper And 'Cinderella'

Glass slippers, as it turns out, aren't Emma Watson's style after all.

As we reported two weeks ago, the former "Harry Potter" star and future "Bling Ring" burglar was in early talks to join Disney's next live-action adaptation of a classic tale, "Cinderella." The production recently switched up directors, trading Mark Romanek's darker version to a more Mouse-friendly Kenneth Branaugh, and Watson has officially passed on the title role.

This development comes as another blow to the project, which was likely set for the fast track after Disney made lots and lots of money turning another public domain property into a blockbuster.

"Cinderella" even had an evil stepmother picked out to punish Watson, had she taken the role. Cate Blanchett, a decidedly great choice for the role, has stuck onto project through the director change.

Variety's Marc Graser tweeted out the news of Watson's departure without giving a specific reason for the decision. There is the lingering question of Guillermo del Toro's proposed adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast," which Watson had been previously attached to, but Disney could end up complicating those plans, as the studio just announced a live-action adaptation of that tale as well.

While we're not sure what's next for Watson, we do know that she has plans for the night of the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, where she's a nominee for her role in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." If you haven't voted already make sure to head over to the awards page to pick your favorite!